What Are You Tolerating Today That Could Free You to Live Authentically?

In my work, I talk to many women who are convinced that their lot in life has been cast. Whatever circumstance they find themselves in, they have deluded themselves into believing that the situation can’t change for them and struggle to make sense of the choices they have made.

One woman in an intolerable relationship felt that she had made a commitment and no matter what, she would “stick it out”. Another woman I know decided long ago that her life was dictated by the circumstances of her upbringing and continued to relinquish her power to her family.

Commitment and a sense of responsibility is a wonderful attribute, however, when loyalty binds you to intolerable situations, it’s time to refocus.

I once heard someone say, “people will treat you the way you teach them to treat you”. You can’t be authentic and not recognize how the choices you make determine the outcomes. You can’t be authentic and not take responsibility for those choices. You must make a conscious choice, based on your true integrity, to decide whether or not you will live your lives based on your authenticity or fall prey to ways that others may dishonor who y are.

What are you tolerating/putting up with in your life now that if eliminated would give you more joy and freedom?

We all put up with something, sometime. The point is, if you really give some thought to what you are tolerating in your life today, it may surprise you to realize that what you’re tolerating has been disguised as commitment, obligation, responsibility, duty and other acceptable language.

How different would the quality of your life be, if you made that distinction, and took action to change it?  Only you know what you are tolerating that is hindering you from living the life you want and deserve.

Somewhere, underneath the false sense of obligation, is an underlying fear – fear of being alone, fear of financial ruin, fear of rejection, fear of the unfamiliar and fear of change. When you allow fears, procrastination and lack of confidence in your abilities to collide with your authentic reality; you set yourself up for unnecessary discontent, worry, sadness, and disappointment.

To live joyful, creative, peaceful lives, you must make choices that are in alignment with your authenticity. You must delve deep underneath the negative voices inside your head and uncover those messages that erode your self confidence and knowledge of how unique and wonderful you really are.

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