Relax, Rejuvenate and Rest

Talk about an "aha" moment...I have had several the past couple of weeks as I lay coughing, sneezing and feeling like walked on dirt from some all-encompassing "bug". There's nothing quite as enlightening as not being able to do anything but lie still and take time for reflection. How often have I said, "take time for yourself", "take care of yourself first", etc. (you've heard it from me many times). Yet, there I was completely depleted mainly because I neglected to take care of the most important person - me. We often ignore all the warning signs - exhaustion, disturbed sleep patterns, lack of energy - while feeling like we're on a fast moving treadmill at top speed. Don't ignore these warning signs. This is exactly the time to … [Read more...]

It’s True: You Can Get Rid of the Clutter Monster

Do you know that a quarter of homeowners with two-car garages use them exclusively for storage and park in the driveway? How do we become such hostages to the jumble of odds and ends that once gave us pleasure and fond memories and now have outlived its usefulness? This week, I finally took on the gigantic task of clearing the clutter from my basement storage area and the garage! Whew! How many times had I said, "we really need to clear out some stuff of this stuff." It was merely a passing comment…didn't happen! So to solve the problem, I tried my best to ignore the growing mound of useless odds and ends that had taken over my space. I finally could tolerate it no longer. So amongst the empty soda cans, the unused boxes of … [Read more...]