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“This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow – as the night the day – thou cans’t not be false to any man.” ~ From “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare


Speak and Live Your Truth ImageSpeak and live your truth reminds me of the above quote… “to thine own self be true…” It’s a clear  reminder to show up authentic every day and in every situation. It means that you are in touch with your true self without hidden agendas, masks of deception and distortions.

A young man I know recently turned down a scholarship because he felt it wasn’t his true passion. He felt that the scholarship deserved to go to someone who was passionate about the opportunity. This young man is already standing in his truth. He knows what he wants and is not swayed by what others think he “should“ have.

I’m sure you’ve met someone who has chosen a life path based on what someone else deemed “perfect” for them.

Admitting your desires for yourself is the first step towards being confident to speak the truth to others.

Speaking truthfully can sometimes be painful but when you speak from your true being, you gain a sense of freedom and relief.

Speaking your truth means that you don’t have a hidden agenda, you aren’t looking for validation, approval or acceptance from others.

When you speak your truth, you give yourself permission to state clearly and emphatically what you want without any hidden agenda.

A hidden agenda is an unacknowledged motive you have for saying or doing something. It can be anything from you saying, “I have to go to work” to volunteering to spearhead the holiday office party. For example, when you say, “I have to go to work“, your hidden agenda is that you enjoy having food, clothing shelter and the finer things in life. The truth is that you choose to work – you don’t “have” to. When you volunteer your time and energy, is it because you want the recognition and praise? Be honest with yourself first about your motivations and acknowledge that your real agenda may not be the same as the one you present to the world. That’s speaking and living your real truth.

By simply stating your real truth to yourself and admitting that it may be different from the mask you present to others, you are already beginning to speak and live your truth.

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