Rejuvenate, Recover and Refresh


Recharge, Refresh and RenewRejuvenate, recover and refresh is something many of us strive to incorporate in our daily lives. However, it is a goal you can achieve. It’s an essential ingredient to our overall mental and physical health to reserve some quiet time to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

I often hear people say, “I could use some time for myself”. But in our overextended world where we are so busy “doing”, slowing down long enough to take the time to recharge our mind body and spirit.

I know slowing down is not always easy with your busy life, commitments, instant access to email, messaging and the Internet, etc. However, if you are serious about having some time for yourself, you must make a choice to make it a priority.

Here are a few ways to rejuvenate, recover and refresh your mind, body and spirit:

1. Disengage – I spend a lot of time on my computer but every once in a while, I make a choice between being tied to the computer or shutting it down. If you are a computer junkie like me, shutting your down your computer for a weekend may be too drastic. If so, start by shutting it down for just a few hours at a time.

2. Use wise scheduling – If your schedule includes back-to-back appointments or your task list seems never ending, put in at least 10 minutes between appointments or move some tasks to another day to refresh your mind and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

3. Get some fresh air – Most of our time is spent in our homes, offices and cars with rarely time to go outside and just enjoy nature. Go outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the serenity of birds chirping and the greenery.

4. Exercise – You may not always have the time or inclination to visit a gym but you can take at least a 10 minute walk around your neighborhood or office complex.

5. Be still – If you’re like me, being still takes a lot of effort! One way I’ve found to be still is to meditate. I find concentrating on a candle or color forces me to sit quietly and focus. If mediation isn’t for you, perhaps you can retreat to your bedroom or other space where you can be quiet for 10-15 minutes.

To get more information about how to rejuvenate, recover and refresh your mind, body and spirit, I encourage you to download my free audios – 7 Daily self-care tips to renew your mind, body and spirit.

Gladys M. Anderson is a certified life coach, licensed marriage & family therapist, consultant, workshop facilitator and author of the soon to be published book, “Master the Genie Within”. She coaches women in the art of saying no and how to protect their precious time and energy by setting strong boundaries to create a uniquely crystal clear vision for the satisfying careers and relationships they truly want.


  1. Susan Robertson says:

    Thank you for reviewing rejuvenating,recovering, and refreshing. I think I have found my haven where I can relax and start connecting with myself. When I left my former life, I did not have even a particle of sadness for it and was so relieved to start over making a new life that allows me to separate myself from all the negative forces that used to crush me.
    My depression lifted from me and a feeling of comfort replaced it.


  2. Flora, thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

  3. Thanks for these reminders for rejuvenating, recovering and refreshing. I can’t hear them too often.

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