Put Multitasking on Hold

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can put multitasking on hold mostly when I’m on a call and another is waiting or I glance at my computer screen and see I am working in several windows simultaneously.

Multitasking can easily become a big part of our lives especially now with the busy holiday season fast approaching.  And, all of this multitasking starts to make me feel like I’m on an out of control roller coaster wishing someone would put on the brakes.  Like most women, I find myself occasionally deep in the throes of multitasking and busyness. But, when I can slow down long enough to allow myself some breathing space, I realize that in addition to all the appointments, household chores, social commitments, and other demands on my time, I do have a choice.


Put multitasking on hold and avoid overwhelm by using these suggestions:

Make a commitment to carve out self-care daily.  Start small with something you enjoy and build on that.  Take 5 or 10 minutes to quietly enjoy a soothing cup of tea.  Tea is a natural relaxant and while sipping tea, you can begin to refocus.  Maybe coffee, or another soothing drink may be for you.  It doesn’t matter if you have something to drink or not.  The important thing is to commit to carving out self-time on a daily basis.

Let go of the guilt. Reduce the overwhelm. Hold others accountable for the things they are responsible for.  Don’t stress over what others are doing or not doing.  You have no control over others and their actions. Keep in mind that you can only be responsible for the things that you are responsible for.

Prioritize – For the most part, women tend to prioritize according to the needs of others – not yourselves. To put your needs first is not a selfish act but rather a selfless one.  For the same reason we are told to don our masks if there is an emergency on a flight, is the same reason you must nurture and take good care of yourself so that you are ready to take care of others in your lives with energy and willingness.

Allow friends to support and encourage you. Most of you can easily and willingly grumble to friends about how busy you are and how little time you have for yourself.  This is not support.  You want to surround yourself with people who will offer suggestions, give of themselves if need be, encourage and uplift you.

Set clear boundaries around how many commitments you agree to, how you want to spend your time and energy and with whom you spend your time. Having strong boundaries means that you make responsible choices based on your ability to give, do and be – not choices made out of guilt or a desire to avoid conflict or please someone else.

Make an appointment with YOU.  When you are keeping track of all the other appointments and to do lists on your schedule, put in your planner or calendar an appointment for YOU. Use the time to refresh and re-energize so that you will have a power source from which to give to others.

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Gladys Anderson - Life Coach, Therapist, Author





Certified Life Coach, Family therapist and Group Coaching Specialist, Gladys M. Anderson, helps nurses, teachers, social workers, therapists and other care-giving women to set limits so they have more time, more joy and more energy for self-care.




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