Lofty Expectations from Imperfect People

missed-markLofty expectations from imperfect people are a recipe for disappointment and unforgiveness.

As children we see our parents, grandparents, family members, and teachers as perfect specimens of human virtue.

As we grow and mature, we begin to see their faults, mistakes and other shortcomings.

And while the world you grew up in may have been filled with imperfect people (some more imperfect than others), you must learn to forgive and move on. More than likely, the people around you were operating out of their past experiences and not in ways to harm you or your self esteem.

There comes a point in your life when you realize your parents aren’t perfect – Mia Wasikowska

As the prolific poet and writer, Dr. Maya Angelou says, “people do better when they know better”. 

Holding on to lofty expectations of what “should” have occurred, visions of past hurts, disappointments and feelings of inadequacy only serve to keep you stuck in situations that place you in the role of victim.

Although you can’t change the past, you can change the way you feel and think about yourself TODAY.

To change how you feel about your past experiences and expectations, change how you think about the expectations you’ve placed on yourself and others. Only YOU have the power to do that. You can choose to use that power to:

  • Change your perception so you don’t cloud how you think
  • Forgive yourself and others for mistakes
  • Take responsible action for your the life you want and deserve

If you are looking for validation, approval and acceptance from others, change course now.

When you look to others to affirm your worth, you give them way more power than they deserve.

Accept the fact that people will fall short of your expectations.  Use the following tips to shift your mindset from victim to victorious

  • Speak positive and encouraging words to combat negative messages about yourself
  • Seek help to rid yourself of past hurt, blame and unforgiveness
  • Remind yourself daily of how unique and wonderful you are

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