In Perfect Alignment

Have you ever wondered if you make the right choices, live your life in harmony with what you know to be true?

One of the things that I absolutely know for sure is that I have he right to make choices for my life, express my desires and am in total control of how I speak, act and respond to circumstances, other people and situations. I need only to respond in alignment with my own truth.

I offer you the following things that you must embrace if you are to live joyfully and in alignment with your own unique truth:

1) Know that you are in control of your thoughts, actions, words and  responses.  When your response is in harmony with your words actions and thoughts, you are empowered and joyful.

2) You can confidently state your intent (thought) to the Universe and wait patiently for manifestation. You don’t have to figure out the “how” it’s going to manifest.  Just believe that it will.

3) You know for sure that when you focus on positive outcomes, you  get positive results.

4) You also know for sure that you must value yourself or the world won’t place value on you.

5) You know that you can’t control anyone else’s actions or emotions. You are always in control of your emotions and responses.

6) You must know that you are a worthwhile person, have value, deserve to live joyfully and are here on earth to share your unique gifts with the world.

I hope these 6 things will help you as you are aligning your thoughts, actions and words with your own truth.

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