I’m Back From My Fear Trip

I’m Back From My Fear Trip!

You’re probably wondering what’s a “fear trip”?

A fear trip is one of those trips that mires you in inertia, keeps you from moving forward and creates an atmosphere of doubt and deception.  It’s like being stuck in your own personal time warp and you have the key but can’t open the lock.

A funny thing about fear – you can go along thinking you’ve conquered it and bam! It rears its ugly head when you least expect it.

I thought I was long over the fear of sharing my writing or speaking in a public forum.

So, what happened?

I won’t bore you with all the details but family, illnesses, “anything that gets-in-the-way-of-writing mishaps” and other related incidents kept me off course for months.

In reality, after such a long absence, fear stealthy moved in while I was busy doing other things.

Have you ever let that happen to you?

I’ve overcome other fears before. I put my first blog post out there in 2009, wrote numerous posts since then, published a book, and spoken to many groups. So, why have I allowed fear to keep me from writing for so long?

The truth is, the longer I stayed away, the wider the opening for fear to sneak in and give me room to create a story that I had no evidence to support.

My story was that I would write and no one would be there to read what I wrote and that you would have moved on to read someone else’s blog. That was my story and I stuck to it!

How could I possibly know that?  Can I peek over your shoulder and see what’s on your computer screen?

Remember, FEAR is “False Expectations Appearing Real” and like  most fears – mine were rooted in false expectations without any proof to support my story.

Once I got brutally honest about the real reason I neglected my blog for so long, I was able to dismiss the false “story” I created.

Fear can make a person see something that is not there, or hear something that is not said – Iyanla Vanzant

Does writing this post mean I’ve overcome the fear that no one will read my blog posts?

I don’t know…

I do know that one of the ways to overcome fear is to do the thing you fear.

I also know that, at this moment, I’m not fearful. I am taking a risk that you haven’t abandoned me and will let me know you read this by leaving a comment.

Just say hello, I’m still here.

Until next time …(yes, there will be a next time).



  1. Gladys,

    I’m so happy you shared this experience with us because we all have had our own fear trip. The biggest lie of the fear trip is that we’re the only one to experience it. By stepping into your fear, as you’ve so bravely done, you not only shatter that lie, but you give the rest of us the courage to shatter the lies and inertia that hold us back.

    One of the most surprising facts about success is that the higher we rise, the more fear and insecurity tries to rear its ugly head. Successful people are not without fear, they just discover ways to face it and walk through it. Fear will never completely go away. That’s why my mantra is what Susan Jeffers proposes in her book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

    Welcome back.
    Flora Morris Brown recently posted…How to Use LinkedIn Publishing PlatformMy Profile

    • Thanks, Flora, for your kind, encouraging words.

      Fear is like the inevitable pesky bees that keep showing up uninvited at every summer barbecue. When that happens, we take whatever steps necessary to prevent these little gremlins (fears) from invading our reverie, don’t we? So I choose to face fear the same as I would a swarm of bees – fearful but determined :-).
      Gladys Anderson recently posted…I’m Back From My Fear TripMy Profile

  2. Hi Gladys,

    I’m still here. What an awesome post and so very timely. I think all of us have gone through a similar experience with fear and despite the circumstances, it can be gripping. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Bindiya says:

    Thanks for posting this Gladys:) I’m going through the my own Fear Trip and feel that paralysis. Its consoling to know we are not alone and we can fight this.

  4. Hello, I’m still here. Smile.
    Had an email saying you’d wrote a new blog, but alas no link to it. However with a wee bit of help to google I managed to get here.
    Especially like ‘personal time warp’ sentence. Thanks too for the reminder on “False Expectations Appearing Real” (Fear). Would love to use that in a quotes jar I’m making for my youngest girls 25th.
    Lastly, Thank You Gladys for still being here.

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