How to Spark Your Passion

Passion is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything or someone, (i.e., a passion for music or a love interest), as defined by

Your passion is developed from a combination of what interests you and the things that stimulate and genuinely excite you. The level of fulfillment and energy you have is directly correlated to the intensity you feel about what you are passionate about.

Maybe, you love decorating, gardening or cooking and lose track of time when you’re engaged in an activity you truly love and enjoy doing.

Some children seem to have an uncanny ability to hone in to their passion early on and pursue it throughout adulthood.  I think my grandson first recognized his passion for drums when he crawled over and opened the cabinet where my pots and pans are stored and discovered he could make “drum music”.   He’s now an accomplished teenage musician and his love for all things musical has never waned since that early stimulus.

If you are pondering how to spark you passion, here are some ideas to ignite you:

  • Name five things that inspire you – Write down all of the ideas you can think of. Look for the things that inspire and motivate you. Take notice of the books you read, magazines you subscribe to, the websites you visit, your collections, hobbies and anything else that comes to mind.   I have always had a keen interest in self-help books long before I became a coach and family therapist. I read everything I could get my hands on about psychology and self-help. In retrospect, my passion was there early on and it kept popping up in the things that interested me and what I was attracted to. Only you know what inspires you.  Give this some serious thought but don’t dwell on it – you may have to revisit it later. Take notice of the things surrounding you. What possessions, hobbies, books, or interests are you drawn to?
  • Start a discovery journal – I first heard of a discovery journal when I read Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sara Ban Breathnach. A discovery journal is an excellent tool to hone in on what inspires you. You can use an artists sketch book or a 3-hole notebook or binder.  Cut out pictures, colors, quotes or anything that catches your eye from magazines, postcards and gives you a feeling of joy.  And after collecting for a while, you will discover that you are attracted to certain colors, styles or particular types of quotes keeps popping up.  Pay attention and narrow down what really interests you and notice if you feel enthusiastic, energized, and excited. 


  • Be open to unlimited possibilities – Think outside the box. Expand your comfort level and be open to experiencing something different. Be bold and courageous enough to move into new territories without being afraid. Enjoy the benefit of grasping new concepts, new ideas and push your imagination even further.

Take some time today to spark your passion by tapping into your creativity, imagination and inspiration.

Gladys Anderson - Life Coach, Therapist, Author


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