How to Conquer Fear Tip #2

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Has fear got you stuck in unfulfilled careers, relationships, or other situations that don’t honor you?

Fear is just an unpleasant feeling of risk or danger, either real or imagined. It serves as a motivation to escape or retreat not as a means to hold us back from doing things that we could enjoy and achieve.

Often, we do a lot of things that will comfort us to avoid the feeling of fear. For example, if you have a fear of flying, you most likely will seek other modes of transportation.

I can recall the time fear had me in its grip.  As an adult, I wanted to learn to swim. So, I took the bold step to sign up for swimming classes. As soon as it was time to step off into the deep end of the pool, I froze!  My knees started knocking.  My heart was pounding a mile a minute and no amount of encouragement from the instructor was gong to get me to jump into the deep end of that pool!

Fortunately, I was able to muster up enough courage to take the plunge. Although I don’t consider myself a swimmer, I am comfortable in the water and not afraid.

You see, just by making that first step you will build your confidence to take another and another…

Here’s how to conquer your fear:

  1. Avoid people who highlight  your fear–their only purpose is to feed your fears. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and uplifting.
  2. Take baby steps to expose yourself to the fear. Expose yourself to situation where you can face the fear.  For example, if you fear speaking in public start by practicing with a trusted friend until you can build your confidence up enough to speak before a group.
  3. Stop procrastinating.  Often, procrastination is a delay tactic we wear as a mask to  avoid taking needed action. Procrastination is simply a distraction that keeps you from moving forward. Honestly assess your motivation for procrastinating to make sure you’re not looking for a way to justify putting things off.
  4. Talk your way out of fear.  Fear is an emotion like any other and you get to decide if you will give in to the fear or talk yourself out of it.  Say something like this to yourself –  “I’m in control and I won’t let fear drive my thoughts, actions and responses”. Repeat as often as necessary.
  5. Trust yourself enough to know that you are capable of overcoming any fears you have.  Unless you are in physical danger and need to retreat, the emotional fear that you feel holds you back and keeps you stuck.

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear.  It is taking action despite fear.

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