How to Attract More Abundance – Show Gratitude for What You Already Have

We spend so much time focusing on all the things that go wrong in our world that we give often overlook the abundance already in our lives and the things that are going well for us. It’s common knowledge that we should be grateful but we don’t always take the time to stop and take stock of just how much abundance we already have in our lives.

Here are some things to be grateful for that you can easily overlook:

The gift of time

No matter how “busy” you say you are, you still find time to use in non-productive, time killer activities. Time is still your most precious gift.  Think about how often you waste this special gift. Are you spending countless hours indulging in mindless TV watching, browsing the Internet, chatting on the phone?  How can you eliminate some of the time killers and use your time for more productive activities?

The Gift of technology

It seems we are inundated with access to more information today than ever before, yet we don’t always use this gift as a means to educate and inform us. Make it a point to learn something new and  use it to educate and inform yourself and others.

The gift of space

Americans live in homes that are 2-3 times larger than the homes most of our ancestors lived in.  Yet, we complain of a lack of space.  We have more “things”- clothes, rooms, electronics, toys, etc –  than our ancestor . It seems we have to fill every available space creating an environment of clutter and disorganization. How much of your space is filled with clutter?  Take a look around you and make it a priority to get rid of unnecessary clutter to give you more space.

The gift of Memories

I wish I had access to more pictures of my ancestors but I don’t.  Today, you have no excuse to forego storing pictures and movies of your loved ones. With access to modern technology, you can easily save, retrieve and access your digital photos and movies of your most precious memories.

That’s just a few things to be grateful for that you may have overlooked.

What other things can you think of to add to the list?

Remember, to attract more abundance in your life, start showing gratitude for what you already have. When you consistently show gratitude for the gifts that come into your life, you open the door for more.

In what ways do you show gratitude for the abundance in your life?

Let’s talk….love to hear what you’re thinking!

Gladys Anderson - Life Coach, Therapist, Author



Gladys Anderson, founder of Coach for YOUR Dreams, is a certified life coach, licensed marriage and family therapist, writer and speaker. Gladys combines years of experience, training and a genuine commitment to helping women balance the many demands on their time and energy, create limits that shift balance from overwhelm to energized, and live their lives with courage, confidence and clarity.


  1. Susan Robertson says:

    After reading this article I feel ashamed of myself. God has given me so much and I am never satisfied and feel that I need more when I have to downsize because I have too much clutter.

    • Susan, no need to feel ashamed – instead you’ve recognized that you have a lot to be grateful for. And that awareness will take you a step closer to making the significant changes you want. Thanks, Susan for sharing your thoughts.

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