Holiday Traditions, Rituals and Habits

Holiday Traditions, rituals and habits are staples of our American culture.  But just because your mom or grandmother always did things a certain way doesn’t mean you have to unless you really want to.

In my family, our holiday traditions are wide ranging. Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving is as traditional as it gets but we’re not exactly the “pumpkin pie” kind of family.  We might have the traditional turkey at Thanksgiving or we might have something non traditional like lobster for dinner depending on our mood. We might open our presents or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  We might invite guests for a sit down dinner or host an open house during the holidays.  Maybe, your holiday traditions in your family include y volunteering to serve food at a homeless shelter.

Just because your mother or grandmother always made a roast for the holiday dinner, you don’t have to carry on that tradition unless it’s something you enjoy doing and want to do it.

What traditions do you plan to include or create for your holiday celebrations?

Give yourself permission to create whatever memories are meaningful for you and your family.

You may even decide to skip the cooking, planning, shopping and cleaning altogether and spend the holidays somewhere you and your family can be pampered so you can concentrate on enjoying quality time together.

Whatever traditions, rituals or habits you engage in,  make sure you include some down time, fun and relaxation in your holiday plans.

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Enjoy Your Holidays!!!

Gladys Anderson, Life Coach, Therapist, Author


Gladys Anderson is a certified life coach, family therapist certified group coaching specialist and author of the forthcoming book, “Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You”. Her competitive edge is empowering women in the helping professions to set boundaries, take charge of their lives and enjoy satisfying relationships and careers.

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