Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

This is the time we seriously start thinking about holiday gift giving.

If you’re like me, you look for economical, practical and meaningful gifts for your family and friends.

And with the gift giving season fast approaching, you too might be looking for gift giving ideas like the ones here.

Most of these ideas are affordable and can be ordered on line or purchased locally.  Ordering on line from reputable companies can save you tons of time and can be easy on your wallet.

When you are planning your holiday shopping, consider some of these inexpensive holiday gift giving ideas:

A gel pen for writing notes and cards. Everybody loses a pen once in a while and for those of us who write a lot, an extra pen is always appreciated. My favorite is a Pilot G2.  It’s available at most office supply stores and is reasonably priced.

Travel mug – For the coffee drinkers on your list, give them a personalized mug to hold their favorite hot or cold beverage.

Journals – There are many decorative journals available and a decorative or themed journal is a great way for your friends to start recording their thoughts.

Books – As much as I enjoy my Kindle, I still like to hold a book in my hands. Give the gift of reading to children and adults on your list. Or, if you’re feeling especially generous, give them a Kindle!

USB flash drives – A flash drive or USB drive is a convenient way to store photos, music or files. They are easy to carry and handy to have when you need to transfer or carry files.

Music – It’s easy to copy or burn CD’s on your computer. Give someone on your list a compilation of his or her favorites music.

Personalized picture frames – Give a framed candid shot of you and your friends as a holiday gift.

Handmade gifts – If you have a special dessert or other goodies that everybody raves about, make it and share it at gift giving time.

Events – If there’s a popular play or new movie coming up, buy advance tickets and treat yourself and a friend to an outing that you both will enjoy.   

Gift certificates – Most stores, restaurants and personalized services offer gift certificates.  Consider major department stores, home improvements stores, restaurants and beauty salons for gifts.

You can use these ideas for any occasion – not just for holiday gift giving.

And, for more holiday gift ideas, you can browse these online resources:

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Happy shopping!



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