Master the Genie Within

Master the Genie Within |

Discover how to access your inner genie to uncover the masks you wear that prevent you from living your best life now.

Your genie within is just waiting for your command so you can fulfill for yourself your own wishes. In this book you’ll discover timeless truths and valuable lessons that guide you to live empowered and rewarding lives.

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Attracting More Wealth & Abundance

Attracting More Wealth And Abundance |

Are you more focused on what you don’t have rather than showing gratitude for what you do have?

The answer is in Attracting Wealth and Abundance!

It’s all about how you THINK about it . . .

You can easily transform your mindset and change your life to one of prosperity and ease . . . without any more struggle or heartbreak.

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How to Get a Handle on Stress

How to Get a Handle on Stress |

You’ve probably heard the saying, “stress is a killer”. Surely, that phrase should be a wake up call to get a handle on stress. But, unfortunately, most of us wear stress like a comfortable pair of old shoes. The good news is you can learn to keep your stress level under control. In this e-book, Gladys Anderson delves into the why of stress and offers concrete tips to get a handle on daily stressors.

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Just Say No… To Time Stealers and Energy Zappers

Just Say No... To Time Stealers & Energy Zappers |

This e-book teaches you how to Just Say No! to time takers and energy zappers by setting limits on what you are willing to do, and give. In Just Say No! you will gain a deeper awareness of how your over commitments, over scheduling and overall “busy-ness is directly related to how your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and fears play a part in your responses, action/inaction, reactions and engagement with yourself and others.

You can easily learn to say no and live with confidence, courage and clarity by simply putting into practice some new ways of thinking about the messages you’ve internalized that prevent you from living life to the fullest.

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