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Picture this: You’ve just finished working another long and tiring day.You get in your car and find excitement in the idea that tomorrow will be the weekend and you can actually relax. Then you realize it’s only Monday and you have yet to begin sitting in rush hour traffic. Has this happened to you?

Why is it that you can only relax and be happy on the weekends? When did that get set in stone? Far as I can see, it’s not! So break the routine. Try something new. Find some happiness everyday, no matter what you’re doing.

So now you’re driving home somewhat upset in the fact that you have work yet again tomorrow. But you’re taking my advice. Smart move. You’re becoming a forward thinker, one focused on finding happiness.

And then it happens, you remember that beautiful lake on the side road that you sometimes travel when you take the long way home. You decide to go that way today. But today is different.

Today, instead of just driving by and taking a quick glance as you go 50 miles per hour, you make a change. A change that’ll bring incredible amounts of happiness and relaxation into your life. Today you stop and sit by the lake.

Because today, like every other day from here on out, you are focused on happiness. You are focused on finding a happy moment in everything that you experience. And now you have.

Why? Because sitting by that lake, just staring into the water, somehow makes you relax. It makes you smile. Makes you, happy. And you’re not sure why. But right now, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is this: you are happy.

Because you will have to leave the lake eventually. You will have to deal with your stressful situation again tomorrow. But at least you know you have that lake. At least you know that happiness and relaxation are only a car drive away. And knowing that will bring a smile to your face.

But how do I know all this? Because I do it myself. Because I drive to several lakes, stop, sit, and stare. And when I leave there I’m happier and more relaxed then when I came. Happens every time. Why? I’m not exactly sure. But I do know this: Water has a powerful positive effect on people.

So try it. Go to that place that you’ve looked at so many times and have yet to actually stop and stare at. It does NOT have to be a lake. But spend time there, wherever it is. Bring someone if you’d like. It’s up to you. But try it. Find happiness in the beauty of nature. Because when you start to do that, you can start to find happiness in the beauty of people.

And now that I’ve started to sound corny I am going to stop.

This article was written by Logan Lindabury, the Happiness Coach from Do you want to enjoy your life? Do you want to find happiness no matter what happens? Then go to and get started today.

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