Do You Make These Deadly Mistakes When Carving Out Time for Self-Care?

I know how difficult it is to carve out space for self-care when you are inundated with the ironing, cooking, cleaning and trying to balance your personal and professional life. It  may seem like all the demands made on you are draining you of precious energy and you’re so tired you could sleep for a week,  yet you might not sleep well even if you have time.

It’s hard to believe,  but we are just a few weeks away from the busy holiday season. The struggle for self-care will be even more evident when we take on the added stress of shopping for gifts, entertaining and trying to fit self-care into our busy schedules.

Do you make these deadly mistakes when carving out time for self care?

  • Saying “yes” when you really want to say no – Agreeing to do things under pressure, out of guilt, or just because it’s easier leads to frustration and violates your personal boundaries.
  • Engaging in unnecessary distractions – Your time may be consumed by “fillers” – i.e., TV, Internet, texting and the constant demand to be in touch with everything and everyone.  All of this connection takes precious time away from the most important connection of all – the connection with self.
  • Lacking a morning ritual – Wake up earlier than usual and squeeze in an extra half- hour to pray, meditate or sit quietly. This is time to focus on yourself before beginning your day.
  • Disregarding your boundaries – Your boundaries reflect what is or is not acceptable for you as an individual. They mark out the things that are important to you and how you expect to be treated by others. It is your responsibility to guard these boundaries carefully because they represent your authentic self and your life goals. You must be prepared to say “no” to requests or demands that cross your boundary lines and demand treatment from others that is consistent with the limits you’ve set for yourself.

If any of the above sounds familiar, it may be time to carve out time for self-care.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Learn to say no  – Only agree to do those things that you have the time, energy and resources to do. Doing so builds self-confidence and frees up time for you to do the things you enjoy most.
  • Reserve space for YOU – Taking care of everyone and everything drains your energy pool.   Reserving special time for yourself is crucial and ensures that you are replenished and ready to face the tasks ahead with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Set strong, healthy boundaries – Only by setting limits on your time and energy will you effectively manage self-care.  Make sure you set aside time,  at the least once a week, to rejuvenate your energy pool.

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Gladys Anderson - Life Coach, Therapist, Author


Certified Life Coach, Family therapist and Group Coaching Specialist, Gladys M. Anderson, helps nurses, teachers, social workers, therapists and other care-giving women to set limits so they have more time, more joy and more energy for self-care.



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