Creating Self-Time

Show kindnessWould you continue to invite guests into your home who constantly insult you, disregard your boundaries, and, cast dispersion on your surroundings?

Why then, would you choose to allow others to invade your consciousness, leaving a trail of negative messages, disrespecting your very existence and allowing the aftermath to control how you think and feel about your destiny and your dreams?

How many times have you allowed a non-crisis family situation, an unexpected phone call demanding your time, a chore you feel must be taken care of right now or any number of other things that rob you of the priorities you’ve set for yourself?  A priority is anything that is important to YOU!

Most women tend to prioritize according to the needs of others – not yourselves. To put your needs first is not a selfish act but rather a selfless one.  For the same reason you are instructed to put  your mask on first should there be an emergency on a flight, is the same reason you must honor and take good care of yourself so that you are ready and able to take care of others in your lives with energy and willingness.

When you don’t honor your commitments to yourself you begin to harbor resentment, frustration and discontent. Anger and disappointment become permanent residents in your consciousness and in turn is often manifested in a number of physical symptoms (i.e., anxiety, stress, hypertension, depression).  You must make yourself your number one priority even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

How often do you put others and their desires ahead of  your own expecting some type of recognition for your efforts? And, when acknowledgement, acceptance or validation is not forthcoming, you felt hurt, angry, and unappreciated. Honoring yourself, carving out self time, controlling how you respond to others and situations around you, is the first step in the process of growth and change.  And that simply means you recognize that you have the power to be all you can be without feeling guilty or uncomfortable.

Make a commitment to yourself to create time for self-care, make yourself a priority (going to the gym, reading, getting a massage, manicure, etc,).  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are committed to it.

What commitment are you willing to make for yourself today?

Use the following tips to get you started:

* Begin with something small that you enjoy and build on that

* Solicit the support of a friend to support and encourage you

* Include your commitment to yourself on your calendar

* Schedule in advance (1-3 months) so that it will have your attention

Remember, you don’t have to start with something as big as climbing Mt. Everest – you can always plan to do that later!

And, in the meantime, to find out more about how to create time for self care without feeling guilty, check out my book, Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You

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