Coaching Services



Designed to give you more focused support to move forward fast to achieve success on an individualized basis.  We will meet via phone or Skype for 45 minutes, three times a month.  And, of course you receive unlimited e-mail contact with me when you have a breakthrough or want feedback.  I use everything that I have ever learned, mix it with a passion for empowerment, and guide you to new and exciting life-enhancing modes of being. There are no questionnaires to fill out, no long storytelling about the past, and no labels or diagnoses. We never look for a cure or a fix. We are simply moving forward to more useful, empowering life choices. The result is the increased passion, inspiration, and power necessary to get exactly what you really want. Click here to schedule an appointment.


A full 90 minute  private personalized coaching experience to jumpstart relationship issues, family discord, life transitions, career moves, or any other subject that prevents you from living a harmonious and fulfilling life.  We can connect via phone, Skype or if you’re located in the Greater Hartford area, we can also meet in person. Click here to get started.


In a highly active small group setting, you will lean to carve out quality self-care time while taking care of others with joy and energy, set clear firm boundaries about how you spend your precious time and energy. In a safe, supporting environment you connect with others to get immediate answers to your questions, gain new insights and create a “life map” to steer you on the road to victorious living – your way. You will move quickly to a place where you can make the significant changes that enhance and clarify your life. You will have a personal experienced mentor to guide you and keep you on track while you take this journey. You remain focused by taking personal responsibility for achieving specific action oriented steps designed to point you in the right direction as you navigate the sea of overwhelm, over-commitment and time restraints. We will meet for 6 consecutive weeks, via telephone to sort out your unique desires, clarify goals and focus on what you want most. The group is limited to 10 participants so that everyone gets the opportunity to focus on individual goals. To reserve your spot, click here


Periodically, I offer FREE one-hour classes on such topics as boundaries, communications, gratitude, life balance, empowerment, confidence building, stress and other topics that get you off the hamster wheel, slow down and take time for self-care.  To keep up to date on the latest news and events, become a member of our Self-Care Circle and get your free audio recordings of 7 Daily Self-Care Tips to Renew Your Mind, Body and Spirit.