Celebrate International Women’s Day Every Day

Alice Walker

Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944, in Eatonton, Georgia. She worked as a social worker, teacher and lecturer, and took part in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. Walker won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her 1982 novel, The Color Purple, and is also an acclaimed poet and essayist.

March 8th is the day designated to Celebrate International Women’s Day – a global day of celebration to inspire and honor and support the achievements of women throughout the world.

In some countries, the day is an official holiday where children bestow gifts to mothers and grandmothers.

While it’s nice to receive gifts, how else can you celebrate International Women’s Day?

Here are a few ideas:

Take time for self-care
While celebrating the great accomplishments of other women throughout the world, remember to celebrate YOU by taking time to relax and consider YOUR accomplishments. Make a list of your accomplishments, treat yourself to a massage, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, indulge in your favorite food, or write a thank you note to yourself thanking you for being who you are.

Make a difference
There are many women’s organizations looking for volunteers and/or donations. One such organization devoted to empowering women around the globe is Kiva.org/women. Kiva connects you with women in developing countries who need small loans to provide for them and their families.

Donate your gently worn clothes to Dress for Success, an organization that promotes independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire for women who are entering or returning to the workplace.

Send a note to a women who influenced your life
We all stand on the shoulders of someone who made a difference in our lives, taught us a valuable life lesson, or supported us through a difficult time.  Send her a card or note to let her know how much you value having her in your life.  Your note doesn’t have to be long or “mushy”. It could be something as simple as “Thanks for being a part of my life”.

Read a book such about women’s accomplishments
A great reminder of the accomplishment of women can be found at your local library, bookstore or Amazon.  The stories of countless women make for a reminder of just how far we’ve come and also how much more work there is to be done to insure equality for all women everywhere.

Celebrate your girlfriends
Pick one or more of your girlfriends and schedule a lunch date or coffee break and tell her how much you cherish her friendship.  In our “busy” lives, we often don’t make the time to nurture and enjoy our friendships.

These ideas are not only to celebrate International Women’s Day.  You can use these suggestions to Celebrate International Women’s Day Every Day by expressing your appreciation, support and acknowledgement to women everywhere.

For more ideas about how to celebrate YOU and the accomplishments of women, I invite you to get my book, Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You.  

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