What Are You Running From?

Some of us run to compete in marathons, some of us run fast to keep up with the latest gadgets and newest social phenomena. Others run fast to get away from a ferocious bull whose chief goal is to thrust his sharp horns into your back. I recently came across an article about the dangerous, and for some, exhilarating sport of running with bulls. While some consider it a sport, animal rights activists call it cruel and dangerous.  Still, bull runs attract thousands of participants and spectators every year. Every year since the 13th century during the San Fermin Festival, in Palmona, Spain, thousands of veterans and tourists flock to the annual running of the bulls. Although, it seems to me the people running are trying their best to … [Read more...]

5 Easy Changes to Make Your Self-Care a Top Priority

photo credit: gbakuimage I'm sure you remember the familiar flight attendant reminding you to make sure your oxygen mask is on before attempting to help your seatmate. Well, the same holds true for you and your self-care. If you don't take good care of yourself, you won't have the energy, desire or time to help those you care about. I hear the same story over and over from women who bought into the excuse that they just "don't have enough time" to make self care a top priority. Often times, neglecting self-care leads to undue stress and other physical ailments such as high blood pressure, poor sleep patterns and a lack of energy. I recently spoke to a woman who was irritable, sleeping poorly, lacked energy and was borderline … [Read more...]

Communication Influences How Well You’re Perceived

The way you communicate influences how well you're perceived whether it be in your personal relationships, business or social settings. I recently spoke to someone on the phone who mumbled and practically whispered her words.  I soon became agitated and after asking her to repeat what she said several times, I gave up and said I would have to call back at a more convenient time.  I was really hoping that I would get someone different the next time I called. Communication is much more than what you say. Here are some ways to communicate so you’ll be heard every time: Speak in a strong, clear voice. A strong, clear voice commands attention and respect. A soft, whiney voice may be perceived as insecure, weak and … [Read more...]

Step Boldly Into Your Magnificence

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." – Marianne Williams You would step boldly into your magnificence if you take to heart the above quote from Marianne Williams book,  A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles". Do you minimize your accomplishments or shrink into the woodwork when it’s your time to shine? Are you settling for less than you deserve in your personal life, career or social connections? If your personal life is out of sorts, you’re stuck in an unfulfilling career, relationships and spend more time focused on other people's problems, you are falling short of your magnificence. To step boldly into your magnificence, I offer … [Read more...]

How to Spark Your Passion

Passion is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything or someone, (i.e., a passion for music or a love interest), as defined by Dictionary.com. Your passion is developed from a combination of what interests you and the things that stimulate and genuinely excite you. The level of fulfillment and energy you have is directly correlated to the intensity you feel about what you are passionate about. Maybe, you love decorating, gardening or cooking and lose track of time when you’re engaged in an activity you truly love and enjoy doing. Some children seem to have an uncanny ability to hone in to their passion early on and pursue it throughout adulthood.  I think my grandson first recognized his passion for drums … [Read more...]

Who Else Wants to End 2010 With a Bang?

Summer has hardly settled into Autumn and already  I’m starting to see Holiday advertisements long before I’m ready to even think about shopping, cooking, entertaining and decorating.  Maybe it’s just me, but everything seems rushed and the weeks just seem to fly by. I still have a lot to accomplish before year end and maybe you do too.  And no matter how much  you plan and organize, you are still adding to your to-do-list. I don’t know about you but with a little over than 3 months left in 2010, I have many miles to go before I sleep! So, who else wants to end 2010 with a bang? I sure do. And, here are some tips to give you a head start to end 2010 with a bang: Review your goals - Review the things you want to … [Read more...]

Your life is a Sum Total of Your Responses to the Choices You Have Made

Years ago, when I first heard the quote "our lives are the sum total of the choices we have made", by Dr. Wayne Dyer,  I quickly discounted it just as a lot of people do. Because I was so wrapped up in my "stories" about what should have happened that I didn't see how I could possibly have been remotely responsible for how the choices I made were reflected in my life. As I gave the quote more thought, I came to realize it had more meaning for me when I interpreted it this way -   Your life is a sum total of your responses to the choices you have made. Maybe I'm taking too much liberty with Dr. Dyer's quote but that's a choice I get to make. If you look at the quote as how the choices you made are connected to distressing thoughts, you … [Read more...]

Use Positive Affirmations To Manifest Prosperity

Affirmations are the positive messages you send to your subconscious mind to replace negative, limiting, scarcity filled messages with new empowering positive messages. It seems every time you pick up the newspaper or listen to the news, there’s a dour economic forecast. Soon, all the talk of economic disaster will filter into your subconscious forming limiting beliefs about what is possible for your life. What thoughts are you allowing to roam freely in your mind about how prosperous you can be? When you think of prosperity, do you immediately think of money?  Do you worry that you won’t have enough for retirement or that you aren't good enough...? Having a scarcity mindset only serves to attracts more of the same.  One simple … [Read more...]

Stop the Energy Drainers that are Painting You into a Corner

When your energy level feels like you have been in a maze with no visible means of escape and you find yourself making needless mistakes, forgetting to put the trash out, where you put keys, or missing an important appointment, it’s time to stop the energy drainers in their tracks. Feeling constantly exhausted, confused, distracted and just plain out of sorts is a formula for burnout and leads to worry, fear and despair. Yet, every day, many women experience this feeling with no relief in sight. According to a study done by the American College of Physicians, in the United States, 24% of the general adult population has had fatigue lasting 2 weeks or longer; 59%-64% of these persons report that their fatigue has no medical cause. I … [Read more...]

It’s Always the Time to Celebrate YOU!

Get out the candles, balloons and confetti and let’s party! It’s always the time to celebrate YOU by honoring your accomplishments! Rejoice in the things you did; the things you didn't do; and your victories - big and small. How many times have you worked hard to get a promotion, struggled and sacrificed to loose that final 10 pounds, or passed a class with flying colors only to let the accomplishment pass by with hardly a notice? Were you that busy or just didn’t think it worthy of celebration? Women are notorious for downplaying the valuable and worthwhile things we do and easily forgo the significance of rewards for a job done well. Traditionally, with the exception of Mother’s Day, women don’t commemorate accomplishments such … [Read more...]