In Perfect Alignment

Have you ever wondered if you make the right choices, live your life in harmony with what you know to be true? One of the things that I absolutely know for sure is that I have he right to make choices for my life, express my desires and am in total control of how I speak, act and respond to circumstances, other people and situations. I need only to respond in alignment with my own truth. I offer you the following things that you must embrace if you are to live joyfully and in alignment with your own unique truth: 1) Know that you are in control of your thoughts, actions, words and  responses.  When your response is in harmony with your words actions and thoughts, you are empowered and joyful. 2) You can confidently state your intent … [Read more...]

Creating Self-Time

Would you continue to invite guests into your home who constantly insult you, disregard your boundaries, and, cast dispersion on your surroundings? Why then, would you choose to allow others to invade your consciousness, leaving a trail of negative messages, disrespecting your very existence and allowing the aftermath to control how you think and feel about your destiny and your dreams? How many times have you allowed a non-crisis family situation, an unexpected phone call demanding your time, a chore you feel must be taken care of right now or any number of other things that rob you of the priorities you’ve set for yourself?  A priority is anything that is important to YOU! Most women tend to prioritize according to the needs of … [Read more...]