Tap Into Your Inner Genie Through Journaling

  A journal can be your key transformation. Journal writing is a way to record your memories, thoughts, rants and raves and a way to tap into your inner guidance to reveal new ideas, thoughts and revelations. Within the pages of your journal, you can begin to know and express yourself freely. It doesn't take any special skills to journal. You don't need any special instructions and there's no right or wrong way to journal. All you need is pen and paper. Over the years, I have written in numerous journals at various times in my life. I have gratitude journals, travel journals, daily journals and recently a "bucket list journal". The interesting thing about journals is that you can revisit them and discover how your thoughts, … [Read more...]

Let go of Ego to Reveal the Real You

  "Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you." ~Wayne Dyer~ The Latin word for “I” is Ego and often used in English to mean "self", "the self", "self-concept", "false self", "conceptual identity", or identification with individual existence or your soul. Ego is also defined as the part of you that is your “innermost self”, “self-esteem” or “the opinion one has of him/her self.  These opinions can create a disparity between the real you and what you have been taught to believe about yourself. Your ego feeds your desire to be accepted, acknowledged, loved, and valued born out of your connections with others – society, family and culture. While connections with others is important, it is equally important … [Read more...]

Rejuvenate, Recover and Refresh

  Rejuvenate, recover and refresh is something many of us strive to incorporate in our daily lives. However, it is a goal you can achieve. It’s an essential ingredient to our overall mental and physical health to reserve some quiet time to recharge your mind, body and spirit. I often hear people say, “I could use some time for myself”. But in our overextended world where we are so busy "doing", slowing down long enough to take the time to recharge our mind body and spirit. I know slowing down is not always easy with your busy life, commitments, instant access to email, messaging and the Internet, etc. However, if you are serious about having some time for yourself, you must make a choice to make it a priority. Here are a … [Read more...]

[video] Go For Your Dreams! – It’s Never too Late

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Age, circumstances, obstacles or challenges need not stop you from doing the things that inspire you. Watch this video to see how a 55-year old grandmother had the courage to pursue her dream. http://youtu.be/xtX3bI_KB6I Your dream might not be to audition for the Dallas cheerleaders but no matter what dream you have, remember dreams have no expiration date. What dream have you deferred? I would love for you to share your comments. Go for your Dreams - It's never too late!       Gladys M. Anderson is a certified life coach, licensed marriage & family therapist, consultant, workshop facilitator and author of the soon to be published book, “Master the … [Read more...]

If I Had My Life to Live Over

If I had my life to live over are words penned by Erma Bombeck when she was diagnosed with cancer.  The late, Ms. Bombeck was a humorist who had the uncanny ability to give a comedic voice to the everyday situations we face. Watch a video with her words: As we wind down the year 2012, our thoughts usually turn to the things we want to be different in our lives for the New Year. And, although you won't get to live your life over you can begin the New Year with a clean slate with the resolve to take to heart the words of Erma Bombeck. A step you can take towards living your best life is as easy as joining us in the Self-Care Circle where you can start to set in motion the changes you want to make in 2013. Happy … [Read more...]

The Living Quilt

I've always been fascinated with the patterns, colors and designs in quilts.  Quilt making is one of the things on my to-do-list and it's inching its way closer to the top of the list.  I've taken the first step already and enrolled in a quilting class starting in a few weeks! The intricate patterns of a skillfully woven quilt depict stories of struggles, joys, celebrations, messages, challenges and endings very similar to the days of our lives.  We weave in and out of connections daily, giving little thought to the impressions we make on others, or how others affect us.  If we take the time to be honest with ourselves, our interactions with others would certainly take us on a different journey. African history tells us of oral … [Read more...]

Silent Agreements You Make With Yourself

An agreement is defined as  coming to a mutual arrangement, the state of being in accord or an arrangement that is accepted by all parties to a transaction. There are many types of agreements that we enter into such as a legal contract, an agreement to provide a service or product or an agreement to give or do a favor for someone and then there are the silent agreements we make with ourselves. Silent agreements rob you of your voice and power and often guide you into making decisions that are counterproductive to your true wishes. Silent agreements are the unspoken rules and beliefs that you internalize about how, why and what things you allow to influence you.  These agreements are not legal or binding.  No one has forced, persuaded … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

March was International Listening Awareness Month but every month is a good time to check how well you listen. What with the endless supply of texts messages, abbreviations and acronyms we use to communicate, it's no wonder our listening skills fall short. Listening is the process of receiving, constructing meaning from and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages. In the early years of marriage, my husband often accused me of not listening. Of course, I denied, explained and defended my listening skills repeatedly.  Fortunately, I learned that hearing is not the same as fully listening. According to the International Listening Association, only about 50% of what we hear is retained immediately after we hear it and only … [Read more...]

Quotes and other Life Lessons

For years, I’ve subscribed to Readers Digest. I especially enjoy the courageous and inspiring stories, adventures, healthy living tips, jokes and quotes. I have quite a collection of inspirational quotes I’ve gathered over the years from a variety of other sources. Here are some of my favorites: “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw Many times I’ve heard people say things like, “I’ve just got to find out what I want to do with my life” or “I need to find out how to … [fill in the blank] Your life is not about “finding” anything. Nothing is lost! You already have everything within you that you need to life an abundant and fulfilling life. What I understand about this quote is that … [Read more...]

Tap Into Your Inner Wizard to Overcome Fear and Doubt

You might wish you had enough courage live authentically, write a best selling novel or live with purpose and authority. You might long for loving, fulfilling relationships with your partner, family and friends.  Or you think you don't know the answers to the probing questions you have. The answers you're looking for already within you. You already have the intelligence,  courage and confidence to achieve your hearts desire. But doubt and fear have you stuck so that you can't find your way back to the happiness and success you desire. No matter what other dreams you have, being happy is a dream most people share. Yet, a lot of people are “unhappy”, given up on their dreams, constantly overwhelmed, confused and lack the strength … [Read more...]