Holidays Wishes For You

Warmest thoughts and wishes for your happiness this holiday season … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

This is the time we seriously start thinking about holiday gift giving. If you're like me, you look for economical, practical and meaningful gifts for your family and friends. And with the gift giving season fast approaching, you too might be looking for gift giving ideas like the ones here. Most of these ideas are affordable and can be ordered on line or purchased locally.  Ordering on line from reputable companies can save you tons of time and can be easy on your wallet. When you are planning your holiday shopping, consider some of these inexpensive holiday gift giving ideas: A gel pen for writing notes and cards. Everybody loses a pen once in a while and for those of us who write a lot, an extra pen is always appreciated. … [Read more...]

Create Memorable Holiday Moments

The past six weeks have been like a whirlwind that keeps gathering speed. First, we had a major snowstorm the last week of October that knocked out power for over a week.  And before I could fully recoup from that, I found myself in the throes of preparing for Thanksgiving. And, now Christmas is just a few days away!!! Although, over the years I’ve found ways to cut down on all the hoopla of shopping, planning and cooking, I still sometimes find myself with more to do than I have energy or time for. Have you ever felt like that? Earlier I shared with you tips to make your holiday stress free. And, if you haven’t already gotten your audio of 30 Tips in 30 Minutes for Making Your Holidays Stress-Free, Budget-Friendly and Loaded … [Read more...]

Holiday Traditions, Rituals and Habits

Holiday Traditions, rituals and habits are staples of our American culture.  But just because your mom or grandmother always did things a certain way doesn’t mean you have to unless you really want to. In my family, our holiday traditions are wide ranging. Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving is as traditional as it gets but we’re not exactly the “pumpkin pie” kind of family.  We might have the traditional turkey at Thanksgiving or we might have something non traditional like lobster for dinner depending on our mood. We might open our presents or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  We might invite guests for a sit down dinner or host an open house during the holidays.  Maybe, your holiday traditions in your family include y volunteering to serve … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Giving Tips

Most of us are feeling some of the effects of downed economy. However, that doesn't mean you have to bust the budget to give gifts to those you care about. After my colleague, Dr. Flora Brown and I finished creating an audio where we share some useful and practical holiday gift-giving, budget friendly tips, I remembered some other tips to share with you. If you haven't already picked up you free gift - "30 Tips in 30 Minutes for Making Your Holidays Stress Free, Budget-Friendly and Loaded with Remarkable Memories",  click here to get your free audio download now! Most of the ideas here are less than twenty dollars and can be ordered on line or purchased locally. They are equally appropriate for both men and women. In the last few … [Read more...]