Create More Space to Attract Opportunities of Abundance

We all say we want more…money, time, balance, happiness, joy, clothes, electronic gadgets, etc. And, the list goes on… But, have you made space in your life for more of what you say you want? When a container is full, you can't expect to add more to it without it overflowing. Have you made room to attract the abundance you say you want? How much do you really need? Is your closet overstuffed with clothes that are outdated, too small no longer of interest to you? Then, you have not created space for anything new. Imagine your clothes and shoes orderly and ready to wear with space to spare. You have just created an opportunity to attract more clothes. Where are you spending your time? We all have the same 24 hours in a … [Read more...]

How to Become More Patient With Yourself, Friends and Family

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain cool and unruffled under all circumstances" - Thomas Jefferson Sometimes it's hard to be patient when the person ahead of you is holding up the line digging through her purse to find her debit card (as if she didn't know she was going to make a purchase). Or, maybe you need to quickly complete a task and the hourglass on your computer won't go away. If you're anything like me, you can quickly become annoyed when delays cause inconvenience or eat away at your time.  And, it's usually because you are either rushing or have set some unrealistic expectations for yourself or someone else. Wanting things done in a reasonable time frame, being organized and proactive … [Read more...]

How to Pamper Yourself on Mother’s Day and Everyday!

Most mothers, I'm sure, expect to be pampered, wined, dined and treated extra special on Mother's Day. I don't expect that this Mother's Day will be any different for a lot of us. But whether you are a mother or not, or have someone to indulge you, there's no reason why you can't take the time to pamper yourself on Mother's Day and everyday by indulging in a little self-care. Any day is a good day to treat yourself to some pampering. You deserve it! So, in preparation for your designated day of pampering, here are some ideas to get you on your way: Spend the day with nothing more on your agenda but YOU. Relax and do only the things you enjoy - no cleaning, cooking or other household chores! Schedule a manicure, facial, … [Read more...]

Your Boundary is Your Invisible Self-Monitoring Tool

There are a variety of tools available to keep you on track such as budgets, time management, journals and vision boards. And, like the other tools you avail yourself of to stay on track and reach your goals, you can also use your invisible self-monitoring tool to create strong boundaries that protect you from time stealers, energy drainers and negativity. I’m sure you wouldn’t allow guests in your home to trample on your furniture, paint on your walls or deface your property in some other way. Yet, many times, we unwittingly invite people to disrespect our boundaries by leaving a trail of negativity in their wake. For example: The “friend” who does not listen to you or value your opinions People who infringe on your time … [Read more...]

A Vision Board to Create the Life You Want

If you're anything like me, the book, "The Secret" gave me my first glimpse of a vision board.  And, like a lot of people, I thought if I cut out some pictures and quotes from magazines, put them up where I could see them everyday then magically I would attract what I wanted. Wrong! Your vision board is much more than just a hodge podge collection of images.  It's an easy to use tool that helps you manifest your deepest desires.  You simply collect vivid images, inspiring quotes and positive affirmations. You then place them on a poster board where you can see them everyday.  But what's most overlooked and a vital part of creating your vision is the "feelings" you attach to the images. For example, you may be holding a vision for a … [Read more...]

How to Deal With Disappointment – Learn From It

Just about the time I started the draft for my book, developing a new product and feeling pretty good about the way things were shaping up, out of the blue a zinger hit me! Things just didn't turn out the way I had planned. I was disappointed and my confidence level plummeted. I could have easily taken refuge under the covers, never to emerge again from my self-imposed exile into inertia. And, literally, I did retreat to the safety of my bed for a while.  I was unmotivated and ready to throw in the towel. One day as I sat at my desk mindlessly shuffling a stack of papers, I was lifted out of my fog by one of my favorite vocalists, Diana Krall, belting out "Pick Yourself Up and Start All Over Again" on the radio: Nothings impossible I … [Read more...]

Risk Taking Can Be the Spark That Gets You Moving

When you think of risk, what comes to mind? Do you have visions of Evil Knievel leaping across Snake River Canyon, someone engaged in hazardous, intense, and foolish actions or do you think of risk taking as an exhilarating, breathtaking and awe-inspiring experience? Of course, risk can be all those things and more. But it's really about having the courage to make a decision to experience life fully without fear and limitations.  It can also mean that sometimes you just have to take advantage of  that once in a lifetime opportunity without limiting yourself by fear. I took that once in a lifetime opportunity when I signed up for the sea trek excursion while on a recent cruise. If you're not familiar with a sea trek, it's an … [Read more...]

Inspirational Video – “Life is Like a Cup of Coffee”

I enjoy having my morning coffee from one of the unique teacups or mugs that I've collected over the years.  After watching this video,  I was reminded how often we are so focused on the outside trappings that we completely miss out on the most important part - and that's what's on the inside. Does it really matter if you drink your coffee from a styrofoam cup, a delicate teacup or a familiar mug?  Whether it's a cup of coffee or your life - what really matters is what's on the inside. So, let's not confuse what we really want (coffee) with what we think we should have (cup)! Enjoy! Certified Life Coach, Family therapist and Group Coaching Specialist, Gladys M. Anderson, helps nurses, teachers, social workers, therapists … [Read more...]

It’s Time to De-clutter and Spruce Up Your Life

Finally, I can see the grass peeking out from under the mounds of snow that accumulated this winter. It's hard to believe but Spring is just around the corner. You know what that means... It's time to de-clutter and spruce up your life. photo credit: MarkWallaceimage And, I don't just mean your physical surroundings. It doesn't matter  what you're holding onto past its prime (a relationship gone sour, faded out theater tickets, an assortment of playbills or the jeans that are two sizes too small), it's time to do a major overhaul - starting from the inside out. I collect shoes like most people collect antiques or model cars.  Yes, I can identify with Imelda Marcus, the ultimate shoe collector. Although I don't have nearly … [Read more...]

5 Easy Changes to Make Your Self-Care a Top Priority

photo credit: gbakuimage I'm sure you remember the familiar flight attendant reminding you to make sure your oxygen mask is on before attempting to help your seatmate. Well, the same holds true for you and your self-care. If you don't take good care of yourself, you won't have the energy, desire or time to help those you care about. I hear the same story over and over from women who bought into the excuse that they just "don't have enough time" to make self care a top priority. Often times, neglecting self-care leads to undue stress and other physical ailments such as high blood pressure, poor sleep patterns and a lack of energy. I recently spoke to a woman who was irritable, sleeping poorly, lacked energy and was borderline … [Read more...]