10 Quick and Easy Tips to Reduce Daily Stress

In today's media frenzy, you are constantly bombarded with news of tragedy, war, economic upheaval, and more and doom and gloom headlines. All this just makes you want to scream. You focus on the problems and not your reactions to them.  That is where you open the door and let stress in. Here are ten quick and easy things you can do immediately to help keep your stress level under control: 1) Establish consistent routines - Put your keys away in the same place every day. Establishing a predictable, consistent routine allows more time to focus on other important things.  Having things in a specific location cuts down on time spent looking for them and in turn reduces frustration. 2) Avoid Rushing - Keep a small amount of cash … [Read more...]

Expanding your comfort level

Have you ever heard the phrase “good enough”?  I want you to start using it. When you think everything has to be done a certain way or with perfection, stop and say to yourself, “it’s good enough”. Good enough doesn't mean "less than".  It also doesn't mean haphazard, lazy, or irresponsible.  Now I know that "good enough" isn't always actually good enough, especially if you're a heart surgeon or airplane mechanic.  For day-to-day living, good enough, is good enough.  Carefully thinking out the outcome you want and with a good dose of common sense and self-confidence, you will be able to see that your best really is good enough and nothing more is needed to make it better. This concept of “good enough” is going to be difficult for … [Read more...]

Wishing Will Not Create the Results You Want

How often do you say “I wish…” instead of  “I will”? Wishing does not create results; action creates results.  As long as you are “wishing” for something you are in a perpetual state of anticipating that your desires will be fulfilled my some magical force without you doing anything except wishing. When you commit to taking action, you manifest the results you desire.  You will make certain you follow a consistent plan of action that is in alignment with your vision and soul purpose. Take this week to monitor how many times you utter “I wish” and consider how to turn those wishes into plans of action. Think possibilities not impossibilities. Gladys Anderson, founder of Coach for YOUR Dreams, is a certified life coach, … [Read more...]

Spinning Wheels Get you Nowhere Fast

Chugging along continuously, feeling just like a hamster on a wheel – spinning, spinning but going nowhere fast. That's how a lot of women feel. I often hear women say, "there's just not enough hours in the day", "where did the time go", "it seems the more I do, the less I get done" and my favorite, "I just need more time to get everything done". Have you ever found yourself saying any of these things? How do you slow down the spinning wheels of your life? Most women place time high on the priority list of what they want. The reality is we all have the same 1440 minutes or 24 hours in a day. It's more about how you use the time you do have versus the amount of time available. When you believe you must handle everything yourself or … [Read more...]

Fall into Action before 2009 Ends

With the crisp mornings and even cooler evenings here in New England, it seems we are fast approaching the end of another year. The leaves have changed colors. The sky has taken on its winter hue. The frenzy of the holidays are fast approaching with just a few more weeks until the beginning of a new year! Where did the time go? If you're anything like me, you wonder how summer could have come and gone so quickly. Speaking of how quickly things change…how much headway have you made toward accomplishing the changes you started out with at the beginning of  2009? What promises did you make to yourself this year? How are you doing with your exercise routine? Where are you in finally getting rid of that clutter? What ideas … [Read more...]

Stop the People-Pleasing Syndrome Dead in its Tracks

Pleasing others is not necessarily a bad thing. Considering the needs of others, graciousness and the willingness to help others are admirable traits. For many people, the desire to please becomes a reliance on others for approval and acceptance, even when it restricts their own happiness and health. Constantly trying to gain acceptance, validation and approval is a detriment to relations, health and sabotages boundary making. "As a people-pleaser, you feel controlled by your need to please others and addicted to their approval. At the same time, you feel out of control over the pressures and demands on your life that these needs have created” writes Harriet B. Braiker, Ph.D., in The Disease to Please. Consider the following … [Read more...]

Top 3 Things You Can Do To Take Control of Your Life

There is so much in life we have little or no control over. You can't control the weather or the sun rising or setting but the good news is there are many other things that you absolutely CAN control. Here are some of them: 1) Let Go of Expectations Let go of the notion that you can change another person, their actions or non-actions. Your moral compass may not be the same as someone else's. When you let go of the expectations you have of others, you can have more control of your own life. It opens up your mind to focus on your own life and more time to focus on what truly matters to YOU. When you let go of the expectations you have of others, you will no longer allow anyone to yank your chain causing knee-jerk reaction fraught with … [Read more...]

Appreciate Yourself First and Watch Your Confidence Soar

Women have many roles and responsibilities in their lives. You are a mother, daughter, friend, leader, co-worker, wife, partner, volunteer, financial expert, homemaker, caregiver and more – all at the same time. All of these responsibilities and multitasking contributes to feeling overwhelmed. That’s why it is critical for women to take time the time to value themselves and all the things they do. Taking some time every day to value what you do helps you to do a better job in all the other areas of your life. It also makes you feel good about yourself! There are many different ways you could value yourself. One of the ways to do this is to build your self-confidence. Confidence is the belief you have in your ability to reach your goals. … [Read more...]

In Perfect Alignment

Have you ever wondered if you make the right choices, live your life in harmony with what you know to be true? One of the things that I absolutely know for sure is that I have the right to make choices for my life, express my desires and am in total control of how I speak, act and respond to circumstances, other people and situations. I need only to respond in alignment with my own truth. I offer you the following things that you must embrace if you are to live joyfully and in alignment with your own unique truth: 1) Know that you are in control of your thoughts, actions, words and responses. When your response is in harmony with your words actions and thoughts, you are empowered and joyful. 2) You can confidently state … [Read more...]

Relax, Rejuvenate and Rest

Talk about an "aha" moment...I have had several the past couple of weeks as I lay coughing, sneezing and feeling like walked on dirt from some all-encompassing "bug". There's nothing quite as enlightening as not being able to do anything but lie still and take time for reflection. How often have I said, "take time for yourself", "take care of yourself first", etc. (you've heard it from me many times). Yet, there I was completely depleted mainly because I neglected to take care of the most important person - me. We often ignore all the warning signs - exhaustion, disturbed sleep patterns, lack of energy - while feeling like we're on a fast moving treadmill at top speed. Don't ignore these warning signs. This is exactly the time to … [Read more...]