Are You the Pilot or Passenger?

I’m sure a lot of you can agree that most of our behaviors, habits, decisions and responses stem from complex invisible patterns and experiences we’ve had within our families and society.

And those experiences sometimes creates a false sense of who we really are. We become the passenger and not the pilot in our own lives.

We continue to allow these familial beliefs, rituals and faulty messages to derail our dreams and prevent us from living joyful lives.

Are You the Pilot or Passenger?

Are You the Pilot or Passenger?

A pilot is in charge of the instrumentation that paves the way for a smooth, safe journey. In other words, the pilot makes the decisions about how and when to react in unpredictable situations. She follows a specific flight pattern to get you safely to your destination. On the other hand, as a passenger, you simply take a backseat, turn the control over to the pilot and wait to be delivered to your destination.

In life when we sit back and allow someone else to take charge of where we are going, it can mean we end up somewhere other than where we intended.

When we’re faced with turbulence in our life, do we take control and decide the best course of action or do we blindly wait for others to direct us and make the decision whether it’s safe or risky to forge ahead?

I would love to hear if you are the pilot or passenger in your life. Please feel free to share your comments with us.

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