A Vision Board to Create the Life You Want

Vision Board ImageIf you’re anything like me, the book, “The Secret” gave me my first glimpse of a vision board.  And, like a lot of people, I thought if I cut out some pictures and quotes from magazines, put them up where I could see them everyday then magically I would attract what I wanted.


Your vision board is much more than just a hodge podge collection of images.  It’s an easy to use tool that helps you manifest your deepest desires.  You simply collect vivid images, inspiring quotes and positive affirmations. You then place them on a poster board where you can see them everyday.  But what’s most overlooked and a vital part of creating your vision is the “feelings” you attach to the images.

For example, you may be holding a vision for a new car, house or job but if you don’t experience the feeling of cruising down the interstate in you dream car, or  feel what it’s like to walk down the halls in your new house, all the pictures in the world won’t manifest what you want.

To make your vision board even more effective, try adding affirmations.  For example, if your dream is to have more family time, you could add an affirmation that says, “I am enjoying spending quality time with my family”.  If it were a new car you’re dreaming of, paste a picture of you next to the car and add the affirmation: “I love driving my red sports car.

Without attaching a feeling to your images, your pictures are just pictures.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Search through magazines, brochures, circulars, and the Internet for images that create emotion and depict exactly what you want to attract.
  • Once you have an assortment of images, cut them out and glue, pin or tape them on a piece of poster board.
  • Place your vision board in a prominent place where you can look at it every day and experience the emotion of that image.  It’s important to feel the emotions so that you images will become real in your mind.


  • 8-1/2 x 11 card stock. Some experts say that each area of your life should have its own space.  For example, one for family, career, health, prosperity, travel, etc. This may sound a little daunting at first but it can also serve as a means to narrow down your focus.
  • 20 x 30 card stock.  Instead of the smaller card stock and if you have the wall space for it, you may prefer the 20 x 30 or similar size. The larger size may be a better choice, particularly if you prefer having everything where you can see it in one place. Both the larger and smaller sizes can easily be found at office supply, craft or discount stores.
  • A computer generated board works best for some people.  There are several good choices on line if this is your preference.
  • Artist Tablet – If you want portability, an artist tablet may work better for you.
  • Push pins, glue, or tape to secure your images to the poster board

Of course, creating a vision board without experiencing the emotions attached to the images, taking action and believing you can have what you want is like sitting around counting raindrops.

You must first believe you deserve your dream, imagine yourself in it and feel the emotions of having what you desire.  It won’t happen if you just park yourself in front of your vision board wishing and hoping.

And, to keep your dream front and center in your mind,  I encourage you share it with us in the Self-Care Circle where you will get support and encouragement to achieve all that you desire.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these steps in creating a vision board and the importance of attaching emotion to our desires. I have experienced what happens when I have been able to surround myself with the feelings that go with my visions. There is magic in that.

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