Self-Care Can Sneak Its Way Into Your Daily Routine


Self-care can sneak its way into your daily routine even when you’re so exhausted you hardly have enough energy to crawl out of bed.

But, if you don’t make space daily for self-care you end up often feeling irritable, anxious, depressed or bored.  And all of that negative energy further depletes you and pushes self-care even farther into the background.

According to Dr. Christiane Northrup, a women’s health expert, the key to self-care is knowing in your heart that the best way you can care for others is by caring for yourself.  It’s not selfish or to take care of yourself first.  By doing so, you are assured that you have enough energy to take care of the other people in your life.

Here are some easy ways you can let self care sneak its way into your daily routine:

  • Avoid unnecessary distractions – “fillers” – i.e., TV, Internet, texts and the constant demand to be in touch with everything and everyone, consume our time.  All of this connection takes precious time away from the most important connection of all – the connection with self. Reduce the amount of negative energy coming at you from the media, and social connections.
  • Start a Morning Ritual – Wake up earlier than usual and squeeze in an extra half- hour to pray, meditate, read motivational quotes or sit quietly breathing deeply. This is your time to focus on yourself before starting your day.
  • Protect Your Boundaries – Boundaries are the invisible lines you place around you to protect your time, energy and resources. Your boundaries establish how you expect to be treated and what’s acceptable and what’s not.  Guard your boundaries with care because strong boundaries make it easier to say “no” to requests and demands that eat away at your time, energy, confidence and self-worth.
  • Treat yourself kindly – Taking time to wind down, reflect and feel in control of your life is likely to create better feelings about yourself.  And the benefits extend to your family, friends, and co-workers.  Treating yourself well is a powerful way to feel calmer, loving, generous, patient and relaxed.
  • Fine-tune your schedule so that you leave space for some “me time”.  When you are planning your daily activities, put YOU as a priority so that you have a visual reminder to take some time for yourself, even if it’s only 15 minutes to sit with your eyes closed.

Adding self-care to your daily routine shows that you place value on yourself and love yourself enough to take the very best care of yourself.

What’s your self-care routine?

Gladys Anderson - Life Coach, Therapist, Author

Gladys Anderson, founder of Coach for YOUR Dreams, is a certified life coach, licensed marriage and family therapist, writer and speaker. Gladys combines years of experience, training and a genuine commitment to helping nurses, teachers, therapists and other care giving women to set limits so they have more time, and energy to devote to self-care.

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