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If You Want the Rainbow, You’ve Got to Put Up With the Rain

A sudden summer rain shower did little to dampen the festive atmosphere at the rooftop party where I got to experience this spectacular light show in the form of a rainbow. A rainbow has been described as "one of the most spectacular light shows of the earth". Rainbows are defined as optical and meteorological phenomena that produces a spectrum of light when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere. Of course, none of that crossed my mind when I took this photo.  My only thought was that I might not get a chance to view this spectacular site from such a vantage point again.  I just knew I had to capture it even if I am an amateur photographer. Months later, while purging some photos, I come across the rainbow … [Read more...]

Create Order for More Productivity and Creativity

photo credit: jekert gwapoimage Every year on January 1st, countless people resolve to make some kind of change in their lives.The number one resolution most people make is to par down and get rid of clutter. For the past few years, I've resolved to streamline and rid my life of clutter and the things that I no longer find useful, beautiful or interesting. Yet, I still find myself surrounded by some clutter! And I'll bet you do too! So what is clutter? An overstuffed closet filled with relics that you know you wouldn't ever wear again? The drawer stuffed with enough pens, pencils, staples and tape to supply 10 small offices for a year.   A box of beautiful birthday cards you're saving but rarely if ever look … [Read more...]

Pick Yourself Up and Start All Over Again

photo credit: skampyimage I read the countless emails as if they are messages from God! Most could have easily been deleted based simply on the subject. The stacks of papers piled on my desk have been rearranged at least ten times and still nothing has been filed or thrown out. I stop moving papers just long enough to get sidetracked into investigating what’s in a seldom opened drawer. My 2011 goals lay to one side, stuck in some kind of inertia just waiting for me to pay attention. Papers to be filed, bills to be paid, mail to answer - all sit patiently waiting in the wings while I peruse Facebook and click on endless links cleverly concealed in flowery messages promising me more success, love, money, happiness, etc...and play … [Read more...]