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Tribute to Giving Women Everywhere

The countdown to the busy holiday is fast approaching bringing with it a multitude of activities, planning and other tasks associated with the giving season. Before you get bogged down in "must do's", take a moment to remember that you are much, much, more than WHAT you do. Women all over the world give joy, hope, love, compassion, support and ideas every day to our families, friends and the world. Yet, many of us fall short when it comes to our self-care. While you’re giving and doing during this busy time of the year, here are some things to keep in mind: Don’t scatter your energy and resources to the point of exhaustion so that you don’t have enough energy to continue giving and doing for others and still have the time and … [Read more...]

Communication Influences How Well You’re Perceived

The way you communicate influences how well you're perceived whether it be in your personal relationships, business or social settings. I recently spoke to someone on the phone who mumbled and practically whispered her words.  I soon became agitated and after asking her to repeat what she said several times, I gave up and said I would have to call back at a more convenient time.  I was really hoping that I would get someone different the next time I called. Communication is much more than what you say. Here are some ways to communicate so you’ll be heard every time: Speak in a strong, clear voice. A strong, clear voice commands attention and respect. A soft, whiney voice may be perceived as insecure, weak and … [Read more...]

7 Stress Busting Tips for the Holidays

Holidays are filled with joyous times spend with family and loved ones but can often be stressful as well. Some studies indicate that stress, depression and suicide are highest during the holiday season.  To reduce stress, overwhelm and possible depression, consider some of these stress busting tips for the holidays, practice some good self care and enjoy! Start your list early.  Even if you change your mind, you have a guideline in place for gift giving and shopping.  I usually start my list early in the year as I listen to what my family and friends say are on their wish list.  Of course, the list might change by December but I've already gotten a head start and can avoid the last minute buying frenzy. Budget wisely.  Assign a … [Read more...]

Happiness Really is an Inside Job

Happiness really is an inside job.  A sure blueprint for unhappiness is when you say and do things that are unaligned with your integrity, beliefs and desires.  If your thinking is not in line with what you are doing and saying, you will experience conflict, anger and frustration. I often come across women who say they are not happy. They are unhappy because they are living out of integrity - doing and saying things that conflict with their beliefs, desires and expectations. One of my clients complained that she was "just unhappy" and didn't like saying "no" to family members and friends and often wound up feeling that her time and wishes were ignored. As we worked together, we uncovered why she wasn't happy in her personal life. She … [Read more...]