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Use Positive Affirmations To Manifest Prosperity

Affirmations are the positive messages you send to your subconscious mind to replace negative, limiting, scarcity filled messages with new empowering positive messages. It seems every time you pick up the newspaper or listen to the news, there’s a dour economic forecast. Soon, all the talk of economic disaster will filter into your subconscious forming limiting beliefs about what is possible for your life. What thoughts are you allowing to roam freely in your mind about how prosperous you can be? When you think of prosperity, do you immediately think of money?  Do you worry that you won’t have enough for retirement or that you aren't good enough...? Having a scarcity mindset only serves to attracts more of the same.  One simple … [Read more...]

Stop the Energy Drainers that are Painting You into a Corner

When your energy level feels like you have been in a maze with no visible means of escape and you find yourself making needless mistakes, forgetting to put the trash out, where you put keys, or missing an important appointment, it’s time to stop the energy drainers in their tracks. Feeling constantly exhausted, confused, distracted and just plain out of sorts is a formula for burnout and leads to worry, fear and despair. Yet, every day, many women experience this feeling with no relief in sight. According to a study done by the American College of Physicians, in the United States, 24% of the general adult population has had fatigue lasting 2 weeks or longer; 59%-64% of these persons report that their fatigue has no medical cause. I … [Read more...]

Can You Really Eat, Pray, Love Your Way to Happiness?

I recently traveled across three countries on a delicious quest for enlightenment, purpose and passion. Actually, my journey took place from the comfortable seat in my local movie theater.  I tagged along with Julia Roberts, as Liz Gilbert, as she took me along on her search for spirituality, love and adventure in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love. It was quite a journey! Without giving away too much, the movie revolved around Liz, a woman desperately looking to find out who she really was and what she wanted in her life. I enjoyed watching this incredible woman evolve over a period of 12 months but couldn’t help but wonder, Can You Really Eat, Pray, Love Your Way To Happiness?I’m not so sure you need to traverse across three countries to find … [Read more...]

How to Maintain Self-Care and Keep an Emotional Healthy Outlook

From time to time, most of us get over-shadowed by a less than healthy emotional outlook. Yet, that does not mean we have to dwell in it or accept it as our reality. When your emotional outlook is cloudy, it’s important to allow the sun to shine through by taking some well-deserved time for self-care. Many women today lead lives punctuated with to-do-lists, decision-making, family obligations, social and community activities, chauffeuring, appointments and a host of other to-do’s. Yet, while all this “busy-ness” may give you a sense of accomplishment, purpose, validation and acceptance, it comes with a high price. The price you pay is in lack of consistent self-care and that takes a serious toll on your emotional and physical … [Read more...]

How To Lovingly Separate From Negative Influences

  I recently asked a client how he could  lovingly separate from a situation filled with conframa [confusion and drama] that was sucking up every ounce of energy he had.  He replied, …”I don't know how I can lovingly separate ... ”. My client expressed exactly what a lot of people think about when they hear the word separate. It does not mean physically abandoning a friendship, marriage or other situations that zap your energy. On occasion, we all encounter angry, obstinate, whining people who complain, gossip, criticize, zap our energy and leave us feeling drained. Lovingly separating from negative people and influences is a way to release your emotional connection to the drama, confusion, pessimism, and other unacceptable … [Read more...]

It’s Always the Time to Celebrate YOU!

Get out the candles, balloons and confetti and let’s party! It’s always the time to celebrate YOU by honoring your accomplishments! Rejoice in the things you did; the things you didn't do; and your victories - big and small. How many times have you worked hard to get a promotion, struggled and sacrificed to loose that final 10 pounds, or passed a class with flying colors only to let the accomplishment pass by with hardly a notice? Were you that busy or just didn’t think it worthy of celebration? Women are notorious for downplaying the valuable and worthwhile things we do and easily forgo the significance of rewards for a job done well. Traditionally, with the exception of Mother’s Day, women don’t commemorate accomplishments such … [Read more...]