Enjoying the Journey

I don’t buy lottery tickets but if I did, I would be among the many who invest in the fallacy that they will become the next millionaire. A lot of women are living their lives waiting to hit the illusive jackpot. And for a lot of us, the jackpot is usually – when I get settled” (whatever that means), “after I pay off some debt”, “as soon as I can find time”, “when the last child is off to college” and other far-off reward thinking. Why not enjoy as much of the journey as possible now and not put off joy today for that magical reward when you arrive at some ill conceived destination?

What opportunities have you missed spending the better part of your lives waiting…and missing out on some delicious opportunities to savor the moment.

As a young girl, I can remember my grandmother waiting….and saving things for some vague special occasion. As I noticed more and more of my grandmother waiting, I made a promise to myself that I would not wait to enjoy life or possessions.

I didn’t have a voice for it then, but at that point, I must have decided that I would enjoy every abundant thing that came my way. So, I use the “good” crystal to drink water, drink tea from an antique cup and saucer if I want to; serve hamburgers on the “good” china midweek, and wear that new outfit tomorrow or as soon as I can. Why would I wait for a holiday, or other so called special occasion to take joy in the things around me today?

Why would you put off enjoying something that has been provided for your pleasure when you can delight in it whenever you want.

One of the things that will stop us from enjoying our journey is usually a deep feeling of unworthiness and the belief that we’re not good enough or deserving of the pleasures we so freely give to others. The feeling that we are somehow undeserving of the good things life has to offer hinders us from enjoying the very things that are here exactly for our benefit and pleasure. If you have been “waiting”, take a look around you.

What is there that you can begin enjoying today?

Reach high up on that top shelf, take down a crystal glass (I bet your orange juice will taste better); for dinner tonight, use your best dishes (you can still use them for special occasions); and that outfit you bought 6 months ago, take the tags off and wear it tomorrow. And in the meantime, if you bought a lottery ticket, good luck!

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