Are you spending your precious time feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious because you are doing more and more and more… with little satisfaction from your efforts?

Imagine what it would feel like to bring that fast paced life to a screeching halt and GLIDE effortlessly into a life free of overwhelm, busy-ness, and anxiety…without feeling guilty about the choices you make around how you spend your time and energy.

It’s a well known fact that most women spend an endless amount of time taking care of others with little or no time devoted to their self-care.

Where in all that busy-ness does your self care fall into the picture?

Lack of time for self-care can easily be summed up to three reasons:

      • You think taking time for self-care is being selfish
      • You’re too overwhelmed with taking care of everybody else to think about taking care of  YOU
      • Your precious time and energy is depleted because you haven’t set strong boundaries around what you will/will not accept

And, that’s where I come in…

Hi, I’m Gladys Anderson, your “self-care genie” and I’m here to grant you permission to make your self-care a top priority. I gently guide nurses, social workers, therapists, teachers and other busy, overloaded women to create time for self-care in their hectic lives and set strong boundaries around their time and energy.

If you are “tired of being tired” trying to balance everything on your plate, want to move from overwhelm to energized and make your self-care a top priority, then you’re in the right place.

Please take a moment to fill in your name and primary email address in the box on the left so I can get you started taking time for self-care.  Once you do that, I can send you self-care tips, advance notice of teleseminars and workshops, new products and gifts. And, as my way of saying thanks, you also get free membership in the Self-Care Circle and immediate access to a FREE download of 7 Daily Self-Care Tips to Renew Your Body, Soul and Spirit.


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